Terms & Conditions

First, we (" sra-logistics.com ") would like to thank our users for visiting and using our services. To ensure that the rights and interests of you (" User ") and us (" SRA Logistics") are protected by law, the Terms of Use, policies, and other terms will have legal effect. If users have any questions about our terms, we are happy to assist users, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Update the user protocol
The User Agreement may be updated from time to time based on updates to our website. The updated user agreement will take effect after publication. If the user continues to use our services, it means that you agree to our agreement. We reserve the right to amend all agreements, terms and promotions at any time and with or without notice.

2. Personal Data (subject to privacy policy)
In accordance with our Privacy Terms, users agree that we may and may collect, own and use users' personal information only for our purposes and not transfer or disclose it to third parties. We have the responsibility and obligation to protect and protect users' data and regard it as our top priority to maintain good service.

3. Service scope
We provide global containerization, parcel warehousing and cross-border transportation services.
• Parcel warehousing: Users can shop in different countries and send packages to our warehouse in that country.
• Package information: The warehouse will sign for the user's package and provide basic package information.
• International shipping: the user can submit the waybill of the parcel in the warehouse and send it to the place designated by the user.
• Additional services: The warehouse provides different customized services, such as: package inspection, unpacking, waterproof reinforcement, etc.
• Payment system: Users can use all online banking or credit cards in Malaysia to pay for goods.
• Guarantee service: We promise to pay compensation if the package is lost in transit.

4. Payment instructions
We support the following payment methods:

• Offline payment
Customers can pay directly to our stores at no extra charge.

• ATM deposit, bank transfer
Users can make a deposit through an ATM set up by the bank or make a bank transfer to our designated bank account. Users must submit remittance receipt or proof and provide remittance information on our top-up page before we can conduct the audit procedure. Audit limitation is generally in the working hours of each hour of manual audit, no additional charges.

• FPX instant transfer
FPX Instant Transfer is an online payment platform that allows users to instantly transfer money to our bank using online banking. FPX online payment platform is a secure transaction platform managed by PayNet and supported by all local banks. After the online transfer is approved, without manual verification, our website will directly pass the user's transfer and update the balance.

• Credit card (opened)
Credit card payment allows users to make payments and recharge to our website with Visa and MasterCard credit cards. After the credit card payment is approved, our website will directly pass through the user's payment and update the balance without manual review. Credit card payment is launched in partnership with SenangPay payment platform and supports Visa and MasterCard type credit cards.

• WeChat Pay (open)

WeChat Pay allows users to make payments and recharge to our website through WeChat Pay. After wechat Pay is approved, without manual review, our website will directly pass the user's payment and update the balance.

• Boost E-Wallet (available)
Boost e-wallet allows users to use Boost to make payments and recharge to our website. Once Boost is approved, our site will go directly through the user's payment and update the balance without human verification.

5. Prepaid balance
When the user recharges or makes a payment, the amount of recharging is directly updated to the user's prepaid balance. All transactions will be paid for and adjusted using prepaid balances. We reserve the right to adjust the balance of the user when we find that the recharge information provided by the user is incorrect.
The user is allowed to withdraw the prepaid balance and provide a local bank account number for us to make the transfer. We reserve the right to cancel a user's withdrawal request when we find that the user's transfer or transaction history is suspicious or unusual.
If the user fails to pay the payment within 1 month of the payment, we will charge a late penalty of 10% of the payment. The penalty is charged each month until the payment is completed.

6. Promotional activities
Our activities will be subject to the terms and conditions displayed on the event page. To benefit from a promotion, users must comply with the terms and conditions of the promotion. We reserve the right to remove users from promotional activities if they are found to have abused or failed to comply with the terms and conditions of the campaign.

Promo codes and gold coins
The following terms will apply to coupon codes and points on our website. We reserve the right to cancel promo codes at any time with or without notice.

• Promo and promo codes

Promo codes will offer discounts on the user's total waybill. Promo codes must be used only in accordance with the terms and conditions or only once per user.

• Gold coins (available)

The gold is accumulated by paying waybills on our website. For example, a user can earn 1 credit after spending RM1. The user can use gold to pay for the total amount of the waybill. Minimum consumption is 100 gold discount RM1 and maximum 500 gold per waybill. Coins are not transferable or resold to other accounts on our site. The official launch of the gold deduction service can be found here.

7. The warehouse

We offer a rush service for users to deposit packages in our warehouse. Our warehouse has 24 hour security monitoring, fire prevention and pest control equipment to ensure that your package is safe.
• Each parcel will enjoy free storage service for up to 14 days, after which RM 1 / day will be charged for up to 30 days.
• Packages will be removed from storage and cannot be claimed after the storage period expires.
• Users are not allowed to store explosive, corrosive goods or animals.
• High value items are recommended to avoid storage in long term storage in warehouses.
• If package damage is caused by the warehouse or lost in the warehouse, the maximum compensation for each package is RM 200.
• SRA Logistik Sdn Bhd accepts goods with marking only. SRA shall not responsible with any reject goods, lost goods, shipment delays, line errors, compensation & etc.
• Customer shall borne the extra charges if it is different marking address. Customer shall responsible for all posted items, including but not limited to liquids, creams, lotions, or cosmetics that may be risk at rupture, as well as perishable food, fragile goods (including large area of stone countertops, wood products, bathtubs, LCD screens, etc.), deformable goods, large electrical appliances , valuable belongings and equipment in principle. SRA shall not be responsible or liable for direct or indirect losses on any damages or losses resulting from packaging problem.
• Limit of Liability (Non non-insured shipments) : The actual amount of loss or damage based on the actual value/costs of the contents as   stated on purchase invoice of damaged or lost items or for type of shipments, whichever is lower;
  Air Freight : a maximum of Ringgit Malaysia Two Hundred (RM200.00) only
 Consolidation & Sea Freight : a maximum of three time of freight charges only
  Small Parcel : a maximum of Ringgit Malaysia Two Hundred (RM200.00) only
• SRA shall not be liable for of in respect of flight delayed, cancelled or postponed due to force majeure factors such as weather, vessel and vehicle failure, government ban, customs inspection, war, strike, etc.
• The sender should truthfully declare the name of the goods. Any consequences such as false declaration, false declaration, or redundant goods that lead to customs seizure or return and fines shall be borne by the sender.

8. Membership level (not yet open)
We reserve the right to create, update and cancel the membership rating and benefits system with or without notice. Please follow this link for a detailed description of membership levels and benefits.

9. Errors, inaccuracies

We reserve the right to change, update and remove any errors and inaccuracies in the text and images on our website. When we provide the weight and size of the goods to the user, there may be some technical errors.

10. Leave a message
We thank our members for their feedback and comments and consider them an asset to us. We reserve the right to publish, delete, and save comments made by members.

11. Termination of service
We reserve the right to cancel a user's use of our site if we discover any fraudulent, abusive or illegal behavior by a user.

12. Delete user data

If you want to delete user data, please contact us.

13. After-Sales Issues
*If there is a discrepancy of items received, please indicate (number of quantity cartons / goods) on the DO slip, note the license plate number of the delivery truck, and return the signature to the delivery person. Then take a photo to sign for the DO slip and send it to customer service within 24 hours. Otherwise, our company will not accept it after the prime time. 

* If the goods you receive has signs of cracks or being opened, please indicate on the DO slip, note the license plate number of the delivery truck, and the return the signature to the delivery person. Then take photos of the goods to make records and check whether the goods are in good condition. If any goods are missing, please send the box photos and DO slip to customer service and the delivery company for verification within 24 hours. Otherwise, our company will not accept it after the prime time.